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Помогите поставить артикли вместо пропусков.

1. We enclose _ the letter our quotation _ chemical equipment.
2. Payment can be made _ cash and _ credit.
3. Usually the inviting party sends _ at invitation and the partner applies _ a visa.

Лилия Миратовна (Гость) Домашние задания

Домашние задания: Помогите поставить артикли вместо пропусков.

2 года назад Ребят срочно помогите!!

Ребят срочно помогите! ! Н. В. Гоголь «Мертвые души»
Укажите фамилию героя, которую нужно вставить вместо пропусков. Один бог разве мог сказать, какой был характер ...

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2 года назад Прошу помоги по Английскому вставить артикль где необходимио. Очень срочно!!

Прошу помоги вставить артикль где необходимио. At... beginning of ...19th century ... little boy was born in ...family of John Dickens, ... clerk at ...office in ...Portsmouth, and was named Charles. He had ...sister who was older than himself, arid there were several other children in ...family. When Charles was seven, he was sent to ...school. He was not... strong child. He did not like to play ...cricket or ...football and spent all his free time reading. In 1821 ...family went to ...London a...

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2 года назад Помогите срочно очень!

Надо вместо пропусков (точек) написать must, must not, can, or can not. Помогите пожалуйста!
Misha : ...I go to the cafe,Mum ?
Mother : No,you ...You ...stay here .
Misha : But Rob's plane isn't here yet.
Father : We ...look at the information board again.
Mother : ...you see it? Flight 345 is here. We ...go to the arrivals.
Father : But how ...we recognize your friend,Mishan? Have you got his picture ?
Misha : No,i haven't. He didn't send me his pictures.
Mother : Read the e-mail again. Is ther...

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